5 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans In 2022

Sitting on your outdoor chairs in your outdoor relaxation room with friends and drinks is the best thing ever. Until the humidity turns it into the wrong place, the best outdoor ceiling fans with lights can help eliminate that oppressive humidity, keep the air fresh, and give you some light at night.

Your outdoor space could use some new life, and an outdoor ceiling fan is a great way to do that. Many people might think it’s complicated and unnecessary, but you and I both know it adds style and comfort.

These five outdoor ceiling fans can keep you comfy no matter the weather.

5 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans In 2022

  1. Ceiling Fan Honeywell Palm Island Tropical
  2. 59264 Hunter Fan Company Ceiling Fan Hunter
  3. Ceiling Fan Minka Aire Xtreme H20
  4. Belmar Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan by Honeywell
  5. Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fan by Prominence Home

1: Overall Winner: HONEYWELL PALM Island Tropical Ceiling Fan

5 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans In 2022: Keeping You Cool And Comfortable

If a small device in your home is excellent and works perfectly, Honeywell likely made it. They are known for their heaters and air conditioners, but this ceiling fan with tropical palm-shaped blades is probably their crowning achievement (you know, until the next).

We wanted to list the best outdoor ceiling fans, and this one was the best. First, it’s remote-controlled, so you don’t need the pull cord. Then push the buttons and go.

It is one of the best outdoor ceiling fans with a remote, but only if you already have one.

There isn’t one with it. It does work with most universal remotes and Honeywell remotes for other devices, though. It’s too bad, but a small amount is added to your current pay.

Every fan blade is ETL-damp rated, so you won’t have to worry about moisture getting around the fan blades and causing mildew on the top (which is what happens when you bring an indoor fan outside).

This can hold the fan blades in three different ways. We can’t tell you which method is better because it depends on your deck, but the fact that Honeywell gives you these options is a huge plus.

In addition to the benefits of the blade, you also get a motor that has four speeds and can be used in either direction. Even if you turn it up loud and sit there with nothing else to do, all you hear is a whisper from above.

This fan can be used indoors or outdoors. It throws out a little quantity of direct wind to move the air and rid the room of a sticky, stagnant sensation. Release the string.

Honeywell knows what it’s doing, which is why the whole fan comes with a generous limited lifetime guarantee. They know how to put a lot of value into a ceiling fan.

  • Size: 52″
  • Five blades
  • It works with a remote, but one is not included in the package.

2: Hunter Fan 59264 Hunter Ceiling Fan Runner Up

5 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans In 2022: Keeping You Cool And Comfortable

You like simple designs, products that get the job done, and nothing extra. Hunter Fan Company also believes in these things, and their Cassius fan does a great job showing them. Three slightly angled primary blades move air around you without making much noise or fuss.

The blades don’t make a lot of noise, but the humming of the electricity can. It will be evident if you’re looking for a sound in a completely silent room, but it’s not too bad at about 20dB (the average human conversation is between 58dB and 62dB). It’s just out of sight.

Hunter doesn’t give you a remote with this fan, which is a shame because they’re helpful. The pull chain is hidden, so it won’t jump out at you when you walk by, but it will be easy to pull on and turn on your fan right away.

For installation, it would be best to worry about a 120V connection. 220V ports don’t need extra wiring. This wet-rated outdoor ceiling fan is easy to install.

In terms of installation, you’ve also given downloads so that the height can be slightly lowered. It will help you feel the effect of the ceiling fan if you are outside and have a lot of space above you.

Everything is ETL-rated for dampness, so you don’t have to worry about water getting into your fan and ruining the parts inside. One day, it would be best to go inside a garage or workshop to help with ventilation since these places can get pretty humid.

Like Honeywell, Hunter Fan Company has a guarantee that lasts a lifetime. If you encounter troubles, their customer support team is here to help.

  • Size: 52″
  • Three swords
  • No remote control?

3: Minka Airi Xtreme H20 Ceiling Fan As An Alternative

5 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans In 2022: Keeping You Cool And Comfortable

Do you want a fan that runs quietly and moves the air around the room to get rid of that stuffy, damp feeling?

Minka made this fan in the shape of a spider with eight thin blades to eliminate the wind-cutting noise that can bother many people trying to read a book while the porch fan is on.

Minka made the list of best outdoor ceiling fans because they work very well. This little fan body has a quiet motor for all the blades and a stabilizer to keep the down pole, which goes all the way to the ceiling, from shaking and vibrating.

The structure as a whole is strong, and the function is excellent. More blades mean more airflow but less air coming directly at you.

We don’t know sure how Minka made this work, but you get direct air on your forehead and circulating air in your covered porch to keep it fresh.

There are different finishes, such as oil-rubbed bronze, flat white, and a few others. Don’t forget that this fan is enormous. It has a 65-inch diameter and 9092 CFM of airflow, which means it moves quickly and gives you some of the best power in this class.

But there is something terrible about it. This purchase comes with a warranty that lasts for one year. That’s a shame because Honeywell and Hunter Fan Company are cheaper than Minka and offer lifetime guarantees, so you feel cheated here.

No matter where you put it, this is one of the best fans you can buy, indoors or out. It will last a long, so you probably won’t ever need to use the warranty.

  • Size: 65″
  • Eight blades
  • Yes, there is a remote control.

4: Honeywell Belmar Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan As An Alternative

5 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans In 2022: Keeping You Cool And Comfortable

That’s right; it’s another product made by Honeywell. This is a great alternative to our top Honeywell fan. It’s a good offer, but there are trade-offs.

In the north, salty air from the ocean could be a concern. Honeywell ceiling fans are the finest for salt air since you can alter the circulation direction. You can choose from three speeds or reverse, and all modes are quiet.

When I tell you to be quiet, I mean it. It has a very faint hum you can only hear when it’s hushed, and you’re trying to focus on it.

Like the first thing on our list, this has a 52-inch diameter and will fit nicely on most outdoor patios. Again, one of these should work unless you have a porch that goes all the way around your house and is fully enclosed.

With five blades, it is better to move air around than to take the heat off your face immediately.

It doesn’t come with a remote, but you may use a universal or Honeywell remote to control it, exactly as the top unit. If not, use the old pull chain that hangs in the middle, and you’re all set.

Honeywell backs the Belmar five-blade outdoor fan for life, giving you peace of mind with long-lasting ETL-certified dampness ratings and EnergyStar electricity ratings that save power. This outdoor fan might be the last one you need to buy.

  • Size: 52″
  • Five blades
  • No remote control?

5: Prominence Home Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fan As An Alternative

5 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans In 2022: Keeping You Cool And Comfortable

If you haven’t already noticed, the standard size for outdoor ceiling fans is 52 inches. The Auletta fan does this, but they add something nice to make the deal more appealing.

An ample LED light in the middle of the fan may be directly connected to an electrical power supply, giving off a warm glow of light to keep the patio party going no matter what time it is.

Already, we’ve looked at the best outdoor ceiling fans (wet-rated). The Auletta, however, doesn’t meet the same ETL standards. Instead, it can only be used in mildly wet conditions, like when it’s cloudy or drizzling. If it gets hit by rain directly, it’s done for.

Before you try to install anything, you should ensure you understand the space you’re working with and leave a lot of extra space along the ceiling. Since each fan blade is waterproof, water will easily roll off them.

This fan can be turned around in three different settings, so you can change your patio to suit your mood and the weather. Use other places for the blades to completely change your outdoor space.

One warning about installation: if you use an angled mount, this won’t work either. The 45° angle of the sloped ceilings is about the most that can be done because any higher grade will cause problems.

  • Size: 52″
  • Four blades
  • No remote control?

Can a ceiling fan be used outside?

No, you can’t use ceiling fans inside, but you can use fans outside. I’ll explain.

This is how the best outdoor patio ceiling fans are ranked and advertised for several reasons. They are resistant to corrosion, can work in the rain, and have better motors inside to turn wind-driven blades the other way.

Fans meant for inside don’t work well in bad weather. They will fall apart with just a few sprays of water. The way they are made is just different.

As you’ll learn in our guide, the number of blades is essential. Most fans for indoor use only have five blades, which may not be the best choice. We’ll know more about that soon.

There is no reason to use an indoor fan outside since they are not made the same way. Also, there aren’t that many different kinds of indoor fans.

Can an outdoor ceiling fan be used for nothing?

The grease must be between metal or plastic ceiling fan parts for the movement. No outdoor ceiling fan is watertight because of this. Water is impenetrable.

Still, some will be advertised as being waterproof. The fan’s blades, housing, and casing have been sprayed with a waterproof spray. This causes water to bead and flows down the fan before falling.

When something is waterproofed correctly, it can’t be damaged by water, like a diver’s watch or something similar. Even if water goes where it should, it can still hurt your fan.

Many outdoor fans are made of brushed nickel or stainless steel, which doesn’t rust because it has chromium. This is the same reason why your silverware doesn’t deteriorate.

That’s a big help, but you should still set up your outdoor ceiling fan so that rain, snow, or anything else that could damage the parts inside doesn’t come in direct contact with it.

Wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans are great because they don’t let water in, but you shouldn’t rely on them as a lifeline. They are only used in heavy rain as the last resort.


This one is easy: mosquitoes and other pests are kept away by outdoor ceiling fans. But if you look at how a mosquito is built, you’ll see that it can’t fly very well. It’s not very polite.

If you turn on an outdoor ceiling fan, house flies, nats, and other pests that make the summer air dirty won’t be able to get to you. It means getting rid of bugs and making the room more comfortable at the same time.

Remember that putting a ceiling fan together with candles or Tiki Torches that keep mosquitoes away will cause some obvious problems. Ceiling fans can only be used in the room where they are installed. So, the effect is negligible.

When deciding where to put your outdoor ceiling fan, think about how you’ll keep these pests away if you want to use more than one method.

Is it important how many fan blades there are?

Yes, it significantly affects how the fan moves air and how long it will last.

The moving parts of a fan are heavier the more blades it has. This causes the motor to wear out more quickly. Most manufacturers know this and put better, longer-lasting engines in big fans because of it, but we’re still dealing with more stress than a small number of fan blades can handle.

But having more blades does not mean that it will work better. If the fan has more edges, you might feel less air coming down, defeating the purpose. The power of these fans is greater, but the effects aren’t measured, so what’s the point?

Most people use fans with three blades because they work well and make a nice breeze to keep you cool. On the other hand, fans with three blades make more noise than fans with five blades.

If a fan’s quiet hum bothers you, adding more blades will make it run quietly (due to the lack of wind-cutting feedback you hear).

There will always be something to give up. It would be best to decide which performance indicators are most important to you and then move forward carefully.

Where Can I Find a Ceiling Fan for Outdoors?

This is partly up to you and not just how the ceiling fan is made. We might look at a few things to determine how long it will likely last. Take this with a grain of salt because not every patio or backyard cover will be able to hold an outdoor ceiling fan.

How Far to the Edge

The better, the deeper your fan is into a covered porch.

It’s still digital. So, letting the elements in, like letting rain leak through, will only hurt. Most manufacturer labels say your fan should be at least 4 feet from the edge of your covering.

Spending Money On

This is a fundamental truth about everything we use daily: the more you use it, the worse it gets. But your ceiling fan will break sooner the longer it runs.

If you turn off the lights outside and go inside but leave the fan on, that’s an extra 6–10 hours of use that you don’t need. So every time you go outside, you should only turn this on if you plan to sit out for a while.

Cooking Outdoor

If you put your fan right under a BBQ grill or smoker, it will only last half as long. People often buy outdoor ceiling fans first to eliminate all the smoke.

The problem is it doesn’t work in real life. Sitting under the fan keeps the smoke away, but some of it gets into the parts inside the fan. The buildup can also dry out any lubricant on moving parts or cause thick soot to form that clogs up those same parts over time.

Your fan should only be used to make the outside of your home more comfortable. Be careful with how much and what you use it for.

Putting more comfort in the outdoors

Your outdoor space is almost done. It has a kitchen outside, wicker deck chairs, and possibly a canopy and a pergola. I don’t know how much time and effort you’ve put into your outdoor space, but it won’t be done until you buy an outdoor ceiling fan.

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