The Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair

Pets bring happiness, love, and care. And to the same degree, they cause chaos. Many pet owners choose a breed based on how much hair it sheds, but most don’t consider what else their pets bring into the house. Pet owners must do a lot of work to keep up with cleaning, whether it’s bugs, grass, sticks, or something else. Pet owners should do themselves a favor and consider buying a high-end robot vacuum to clean up all the pet hair and anything else their pets may bring in.

One Click Away 

With a robot vacuum, you can set it to do a deep clean with just one click in the app. Of course, you can set your cleaning schedule, but an extra cleaning can be helpful if you’re expecting guests or if your pets have made a mess. So, no matter what your furry friends get into, you have a friend who isn’t furry to clean up after them.

After your robot vacuum has scanned your home, you can make maps and tell it how long and what kind of cleaning to do in each room. You can also tell them where they can’t mop and where they can’t go if there are some spots you’d instead take care of yourself. Also, you can set extra cleanings for places where your pet spends the most time, like waiting by the door for everyone to get home from work and school.

The Mop Function 

What can you expect from an Australian top model robot vacuum? A mop was built right in! If your floors are hard, you need the mop function to remove muddy paw prints and paw marks. The mop is strong enough to pick up pet hair and clean dirty stains. You can start it at work, on the couch, or at the beach.

It’s A Time-Saver 

Even though it’s excellent that robot vacuums do a lot of the cleaning for you, don’t forget how much time it saves. You can spend time with your furry friends and family while your robot vacuum cleaner does all the hard work. Let it clean the house while you hang out with your pet or go for a long walk in the woods.

Robot vacuums aren’t just suitable investments for keeping your home clean. They will also help your floors last longer, clean the air in your home, and save you time and energy.

The best vacuum and mop robot for pet hair is…

360 Smart Life! 

You have a few options depending on your budget and what you need. The S10 is the best of both. It sweeps and vacuums and has LiDAR and SLAM technology, making it the most advanced robot vacuum available. It is also slim and can fit under your couches, beds, and cabinets to clean everywhere. And that intelligent navigation system will ensure no poop gets sucked up by accident! It has a suction power of 3300Pa, which makes it the best choice for getting rid of pet hair. It has a 520ml water tank and a 500ml dust bin. It can also clean little paw prints and dirt from your hard floors.

The S8 is excellent if your budget doesn’t go that far. It also has LiDAR and SLAM and can pull in 2700Pa of air. One charge will give you at least 120 minutes of cleaning time, which should be more than enough to clean up all of your pet’s messes. It has a 320ml water tank and a 360ml dust bin. Like the S10, it can tell the difference between different floors so that your carpet doesn’t get mopped.

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