Monochrome Moods with the Smoots

I had the pleasure of shooting for the Smoot family a short while ago. They gave me carte blanche to go ahead and shoot the way I wanted, which was a breath of fresh air from the traditional posing and smiling I have to do for most families. Candid, real moments are what defines a family, not to say that smiling for the camera is a facade, but documenting and telling the story of your family is what I truly love to do!

A huge THANK YOU to Miranda for booking this shoot with me, your family is amazing and a joy to spend time with!

Night Fashion with TheeGirl

I promised I’d share these with y’all , and now that TheeGirl has used them for their campaign, I can post them up here for y’all! I had a blast working with model Mari Makatsaria and hair/makeup artist Tiera Agar, you guys did an absolutely bang-up job and I look forward to working with you again!

Night Moves for TheeGirl

This past week, I was fortunate enough to shoot for TheeGirl, an independent female-owned fashion brand. Post production is still in progress, but this is a sneak peak at what we created. Many thanks to Eunice, model Mari Makatsari, and MUA/hair stylist Tiera Agar. I may post more of this set eventually, but for now, enjoy this epic long exposure shot!

Sage Noire 001 - Embracing The Rain And Remembering To Live

Distractions are all around us. As a working photographer, its easy to be blinded by the never-ending chase of finding clients and building an audience. And rightfully so, these things help pay our rent and put food on the table. But lately I’m finding myself lusting to get out and just make photographs for myself, that I enjoy. Photos that come from the feeling within, that are conjured from both photography and life experiences.

This is the first installment of the Sage Noire series. There’s no direction or specific goal to this body of work, this is pure photography, from my soul. A Sage is a person of infinite wisdom, and seeing as how it’s my middle name, it serves as a reminder to always persist in the quest of knowledge, wisdom, and self discovery.

I recently ventured out to Downtown Los Angeles for one of Hexbrand’s Photolab meetups at the Continental Club. Long story short: I got caught in a rare LA downpour. These are the results. The rain seemed to cleanse my mind and refocused my creative energy. Take risks. Embrace change. Immerse yourself in the unfamiliar. It’s good for you!

It's Been A While! And A Sneak Peak...

Nice to be back blogging! Apologies for going M.I.A, but I'll be posting excerpts from my shoots and ramblings a bit more often from now on! 

Here's a little shoot with Tatum C., a throwback 70's fashion editorial that was a lot of fun to put together! This is part of a bigger ongoing project dubbed "That 70's Shoot" that features throwback fashion and locations! More on that to come!