Sunday Sounds - Emerson Jay

Once in a blue moon, you stumble across an artist that has nothing short of an amazing catalogue, and they have just a tiny following...Emerson Jay is just that artist. Futuristic funk oozes from his tracks that are flush with head nodding drum patterns and ethereal synth lines. You'd be a fool to sleep on this cat, there is just some amazing music to be discovered here!


Sunday Sounds

As part of an initiative to make my site more of a fun place to check out instead of a plain-Jane portfolio page, every Sunday I'm going to post my favorite tunes of the week. It may or may not be accompanied by a long winded speech as to why it's so great. Hell it may not even be that great of music, or even new music for that matter. The whole point really is to share with you guys what makes me move and groove, and maybe you'll dig it too.

First up, Les Loups a group of producers from Germany that I've been following for a good minute. This is a fine mix done for the Caveman Sound blog (which has an amazing array of groovy tuneage), and is chock full of laid back house and garage grooves that are perfect for a late morning coffee session, or that afternoon BBQ with your friends and an ice chest full of good beer. Enjoy!