Sage Noire 004 - LA Autumn

Los Angeles. There isn’t another place I would rather call home. Despite being a resident of the Inland Empire, there is not another place in California that feels so familiar and cozy to me. I’ve been exploring the city since I was old enough to ride a train by myself, and it’s brought me my most incredible life experiences.

I’ve only experienced a tiny fraction of what this town can offer. The spaces are dynamic and ever changing, it’s rare to experience the city the same way, day-in and day-out. This is a city that defines itself by whatever the fuck it feels like it. This is a city that embraces tradition and nurtures the new. We aren’t afraid of change, we embrace it. We aren’t a perfect city or as deeply united as we can be, but there’s a thread we all share that can only be felt, not shown.

These images are my attempt to narrate ONE perspective of Los Angeles…and I can guarantee you that if I took these same photos today in the same places at the same times of day, these will look completely different.

Los Angeles. End of autumn, 2018.