Monochrome Moods with the Smoots

I had the pleasure of shooting for the Smoot family a short while ago. They gave me carte blanche to go ahead and shoot the way I wanted, which was a breath of fresh air from the traditional posing and smiling I have to do for most families. Candid, real moments are what defines a family, not to say that smiling for the camera is a facade, but documenting and telling the story of your family is what I truly love to do!

A huge THANK YOU to Miranda for booking this shoot with me, your family is amazing and a joy to spend time with!

It's Been A While! And A Sneak Peak...

Nice to be back blogging! Apologies for going M.I.A, but I'll be posting excerpts from my shoots and ramblings a bit more often from now on! 

Here's a little shoot with Tatum C., a throwback 70's fashion editorial that was a lot of fun to put together! This is part of a bigger ongoing project dubbed "That 70's Shoot" that features throwback fashion and locations! More on that to come!